Dublin Oldschool at the National Theatre Emmett Kirwan and Ian Lloyd Anderson. Photo Credit Fiona Morgan 6_preview (1)

“Dublin Oldschool” is a labour of love. Whether conveying a love for a city as intriguing as Dublin, the love of doing things for the heck of it, the love for family, or the love of music, this show is sure to make any one fall in love with it. The two main characters, Jason and Daniel, go head to head in freestyle and spoken word battles. At times their speech is accompanied by a sick beat and at other sombre moments, the lighting brings lived experiences of the streets of Dublin to the forefront.

Dublin OldSchool Production Shot 4 Photo by Ros Kavanagh (1)
The performance takes you down memory lane to the good old ‘90s. Nostalgia weighs thick in the air as the two characters create a euphoria of spoken word and song reminiscent of the decade. The show covers everything from stories of heartbreak, the rediscovering of oneself, the connection between brothers, addiction to drugs, the desperation of youth, and the ecstasy of making and dancing to music.

Dublin OldSchool Production Shot 7 Photo by Ros Kavanagh (1)
Although some jokes might get lost in translation or require a better understanding of Irish culture, the music and performance are relatable enough to enjoy the show thoroughly. The performers’ timing is brilliant and they wow the crowd with their ability to balance their speech and bodies with the perfect tension and ease to rein us into their stories.

If you’re looking for a show that is high on entertainment value, be sure to check out the new lads from “Dublin Oldschool”.

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– Maira Hassan

Meet the New Lads on the Block in “Dublin Oldschool”

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