“Hot Brown Honey” is a MUST SEE for EVERYONE! These six women destroy any preconceived stereotypes the audience may have and smash through the glass ceiling of patriarchy, elevating the entire audience to their level of female empowerment. The Honey’s invite us into their beehive for a 75-minute performance completely on their terms. They unapologetically erupt with noise, allow the female form to take up space and flip the power dynamics of the patriarchy on its head.

If you are wanting to attend a show where you can passively sit in the audience and watch in silence, this is not the show for you. These women are anything but silent, and demand the audience to participate in their celebration of decolonizing the female form. Between the multiple onstage outfit changes, which are impressively quick and flawless, the intricate honeycomb stage set and the perfectly executed light and sound design, all the bodily senses are activated and ready to collectively raise the roof. You will find yourself unconsciously stomping your feet to the beats, clapping your hands, cheering in unison and you may just end up on stage!

Be prepared to participate and witness a night full of dancing, head banging, hula-hooping, and aerial acrobatics. The audience is given a special opportunity to witness six phenomenal women in a position of power fiercely tackling challenging topics head on through platforms of love, respect and humour. “Hot Brown Honey” runs from January 9th – 27th at the York Theater, make sure to get your tickets ASAP, they will definitely sell out fast. You will leave this show buzzing with energy and ready to rain fire on the patriarchy.

You can get tickets here for $22. With talkback performances, you can enjoy a lively post-show Q&A session with the artists: Jan 11 &16 at 8 PMJan 14 at 2 PM.

-Maddison Miller

Hot Brown Honey Review: “Fighting The Power Never Tasted So Sweet”

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