Lesley Telford 2 by Cara Tench

In the knowledge sharing, jargon pillaging world of the internet, different disciplines often reference one another. But even by today’s standards of cross-pollination, blending Quantum theory with dance is novel. Not to be deterred by a little impenetrably complex scientific theory, in “Spooky Action Phase One”, Lesley Telford and Inverso use quantum physics as their conceptual seed. The premise that so intrigued them was the discovery that on a quantum level, particles not physically connected could exert influence on one another. For the creative team this theory sparked further existential examination, how can one soul influence another? Are human lives inexplicably linked beyond physical connections?

The resultant performance was just as intriguing as the premise. The piece was beautifully choreographed and gracefully executed. The ebb and flow of energy from one dancer to another was tantalising. The connectivity of the dancers was not exhibited through straight mimicry or synchronisation but something subtler. Motifs of movement passed from one dancer to another, syncopated, evolving with the quirks and individuality of each new recipient. An estranged shadow of the original movement echoed through the performance. Some of the most powerful moments were when the dancers moved as a conglomerate, with energy rippling from one dancer to the next, a congealed undulating throng.

Lesley Telford 3 by Cara Tench

The accompanying, lilting voice-over could have so easily been awkward and garish, but managed to stay on the right side of the theatrical spectrum, adding poignancy and an ephemeral atmosphere to the scene.

One note of critique is that for me there wasn’t enough textural variation in the pace of the performance. It could have been just that little bit more potent if condensed to perhaps 20 minutes.

My attention span aside, I salute the ambition and delightful novelty of the subject matter, and also thank the production for making me a little more informed in the latest developments in quantum physics. The performance itself was beautiful.

– MG

Lesley Telford & Inverso’s “Spooky Action Phase One”

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